Data Engineer (10x) at SFR3 Fund

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $3.5B+ in affordable

single-family homes by 2024. The Fund renovates distressed homes, using

software-driven operations to run many “tertiary” markets concurrently. Today we own

10,500+ homes in 20 states, buying & building several hundred more every month.


You love building software that directly enables your team to crack critical business challenges. You’ve shipped production applications and can strike the right balance between shipping fast for immediate impact and long-term vision. You enjoy working remotely along with the independence and responsibility that comes with that.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, but experience in the domain is not required. What is necessary is motivation to dive in and understand the work people do every day so you can build the right tools that give them leverage. The idea of building & running a $150M/yr business that operates like a startup, growing at 5-7%/yr (not a startup looking for PMF) is exciting to you.

Your Duties & Responsibilities

  • Designing, architecting, developing, and implementing software code for company’s data infrastructure using relational database technologies including Snowflake, Airflow, Python, and SQL
  • Writing ETL system code using Python, Airflow, and 3rd Party extraction tools like 5Tran and Stitch, to bring data from a variety of sources into the company's Snowflake data warehouse
  • Define and build a canonical metrics store and pipeline, to standardize how the company looks at metrics of company and business unit performance.
  • Writing data aggregations and transformations using SQL and/or DBT, to enable other teams to operate on the data
  • Developing and implementing integrations with third-party data service APIs including companies such as Stripe, Brex, Pipefy, Contentful, Netsuite, Quickbooks, and Ramp.
  • Performing iterative design cycles and on-time feature releases using agile “sprints”
  • Participating in daily sprint team meetings to coordinate immediate software development tasks, as well as biweekly development sprint review and sprint planning meetings to help define work items the engineering team will commit to in the medium term.
  • Participating in team and project management meetings to define the long-term project timeline and major milestones,
  • Maintaining continuous integration and deployment tools
  • Creating unit and integration tests for written software code; ensuring that tests are compatible with continuous integration and deployment tools that the company employs, such as DBT and 3rd party data observability tools that you will evaluate and introduce.
  • Maintaining product source code in github
  • Interacting with product management and business owners to develop product specifications, and architecting generalized solutions that help the company scale efficiently and effectively.
  • Presenting product demos to other members of the team
  • Leading and participating in frequent engineering feature demonstrations to facilitate knowledge transfer and foster familiarity with technology across the organization

Tech Skills

  • Python
  • Airflow
  • SQL
  • Snowflake
  • DBT
  • JSON
  • APIs
  • Senior enough to architect


  • Extremely competitive salary + Equity
  • Health + Dental coverage
  • Flexible PTO
  • Industry leading 401k match
  • Unmatched growth trajectory for performers

If you thrive in a high-impact role, possess an ownership mindset, and are ready to lead in the future of real estate investment, we invite you to apply for the Data Engineer position. Join us in shaping the future of SFR.