National Business Head of Property Management

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment firm that owns & operates one of the nation’s largest portfolios of affordable single-family homes, a market segment which has proven to be as economically robust as it is socially good. We thrive as a business by offering what so many in our country need: an affordable, newly-renovated, well-maintained, dignified rental house to call home. The Fund acquires & renovates distressed homes, using software-driven operations to run dozens of markets concurrently. Today we own 10,00+ homes in 20 states, expanding by several hundred more every month.


You are a “hands on” entrepreneurial operator, having learned by actually running business units and building tech-enabled products & operations – not reading tweets about it. You love to see the fruits of your labor, not pass information from one part of a corporation to another. Your decisions and ideas are of course backed by data and analysis, but you have an exceptionally strong bias in favor of rapid action and iteration – you learn by doing. Your belief in what’s possible surpasses what most would deem reasonable, and you have the gumption to go after it, knowing that while you’ll surely stumble along the way, you’re likely to reach new heights.

We seek someone to be the national business leader for Property Management for our entire portfolio. You have quite a running start: a crack team of in-house property managers, collections agents, move in/out coordinators, compliance managers, eviction coordinators, and a nationwide boots-on-the-ground squad of maintenance technicians, all led by exceptional industry-veteran operators, leveraged by an ever-improving software stack. But like any team, our tools, technology, processes, and business KPIs only scratch the surface of what’s possible. As we rapidly expand the portfolio in the coming years, your job is to deliver commensurate growth in your organization’s performance – both efficiency and efficacy.

Your Mandate

SFR3’s business unit leaders are charged with both delivering today’s results and creating tomorrow’s opportunity – this means your role spans both customary business leadership (directing operating teams to deliver results) and product/business operations (designing & developing better tools, flows, & processes, with a heavy emphasis on technology and automation). Specific high-level goals include:

  1. Deliver the business outcome: collect rent (collections rate), deliver an industry-leading resident experience (resident satisfaction), and ensure 100% compliance with local rental regulations, all with a tight eye toward efficient operations so that you deliver an exceptional P&L.
  2. Curate and inspire an A+ team: leveraging your operational partners, recruit, manage, and motivate high-performing operational teams across all functions in your organization.
  3. Instrument everything: with 10,000+ homes in our portfolio, you and the team are lost without the right dashboards, analytics, and goals. Again, you have a great running start with the in-place system. You’ll build and maintain many of the more simple reports & views yourself, and get help from data science when you need it, but you’re more than just a consumer of the data – you own it.
  4. Build the future: Deeply understand the details of how your teams work – process flows, customer habits, rules & regulations, etc – so that you can spot ways to improve, ranging from smaller process tweaks to step-function business model upgrades. Partner closely with the Product team to articulate your business needs and share your ideas so they can build & iterate the automations, interfaces, tools, and processes your organization needs to deliver exceptional results as we scale.

What We Are Looking For

We need someone who can do all of the following.

  • Deliver results, nearly all the time. In any given week or month in business, it seems to be a universal truth that (valid!) factors beyond your control conspire to make it very hard to hit a goal. You’ve experienced this like the rest of us, but yet you’ve nearly always found a way to hit your goal anyway. You’re generally a winner in the sport of business.

  • Be in the details, truly understand what your team does and how they work so that you can help them improve. We’re not talking about micromanagement … delegation is an essential skill … but you are the type of leader who believes that ground truth is essential for your success. For example, how can you spot opportunities for self-service help centers offering residents immediate resolution to their needs unless you truly understand how it works today when a resident seeks assistance? If an escalation comes your way, you know how to handle it.

  • Be data driven – your first question is likely to be something like Please show me how many of our resident inquiries we are resolving within the SLA, and by week three, you’ll be wondering: How does the 80/20 rule apply to my resident inquiries, and therefore which specific self-service modules should we build so that residents can get instant resolution to as many of their needs as possible with something that we can launch in 4 to 6 weeks? You’re not expected to be a data scientist, but you’re a modern person who lives in Google Sheets and uses data to inform, predict, and guide your formidable actions.

  • Define and execute a strategy. We want someone who can not only define & articulate a business and product strategy, but also one who executes it. It’s almost certain your first ideas will fail; the fastest way to learn that is to launch, iterate, launch, iterate,...

  • Evangelize! Not to the leaders (we’re not political), but you have to win the hearts/minds of our entire Leasing and Renovation business. This takes equal parts confidence to push ahead and humility, especially to pause and listen to feedback from the field.

  • Jam with Engineering: you’ll rapidly prototype your ideas by whatever means possible, often using spreadsheets and people. Once you know an idea works, you’ll write requirements and coordinate with Engineering to build scalable solutions that last for the long term.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, or Engineering. Or East Asian Studies like our co-founder.
  • 6+ years experience in either Business Operations, Business Unit Management, Product Management, Management Consulting, or Finance, provided you have demonstrated operational experience.
  • Demonstrable experience using and contributing to the enhancement of computer software systems. You’ve helped make your platforms better.
  • Prior experience setting and delivering on a strategy you crafted, working with multiple cross-functional partners, while being accountable for outcomes.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in product or ops at a world class company we’ve heard about.
  • Experience building or launching a product or operation that drove real-world results.
  • Experience owning business outcomes (e.g. grew metric A from X to Y), preferably at business unit scale (e.g. oversaw the P&L for region X for business unit Y).


  • Industry leading compensation (salary/equity)
  • PTO
  • Health/Dental
  • 401k
  • Macbook Pro

Sound exciting? We think so too.