SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund in the emerging single family investment space. The Fund specializes in buying and renovating distressed homes and using software-driven operations to scale a large number of smaller “tertiary” markets concurrently. Today the Fund owns ~10,000+ homes in 30+ metros, expanding rapidly. Learn more about SFR3.

Founded in 2017, SFR3 has quickly become one of the largest owners of single family homes in the country. This has been done by combining great people and great technology. SFR3 is much more like a tech company than most private equity groups in the space. This can be seen in everything from the people we hire to the speed at which we move to our mindset on testing and constant improvement.

Everything starts with acquisitions. When we buy quality and accurately underwritten homes we set the rest of the team up for success. Our acquisitions team is the eyes, ears, and the face of SFR3. Acquisitions at SFR3 are done in house. We have a rockstar team of more than twenty market acquisitions directors that oversee each individual market. The team consists of men and women experienced in the acquisition of single family rental properties at scale. These individuals were top performers at their previous companies and are with SFR3 to be part of the best acquisitions team in the country. Our technology is the best and now our team will be as well.

What You’ll Be Doing

Buying A LOT of homes. You will be deploying millions of dollars per month. We will be buying 20,000+ homes over the next few years and you will be a huge part of it. If you are not passionate about real estate investing and buying homes does not excite you then this role is not for you.

Growing & Moving up within the company. We believe in total transparency and paying for performance. For every 250+ homes you purchase you will automatically move up to the next level at SFR3 and see a commensurate increase in your compensation. Acquisitions/sales drive the company and should be paid that way.

Representing the Fund. You will be the face and voice of SFR3 in the markets you cover. You will gain real experience in private equity and how a real estate fund works.

Developing & nurturing relationships with local partners. Of course we buy from the MLS, but you can’t just sit back and wait for the best homes to appear. You will be connecting with and nurturing relationships with local agents, wholesalers, ibuyers, property managers, banks, online & offline auctions, and more. Your goal is to make us the top choice — and the top of mind — for anyone looking to offload a home.

Spending time in the market. You will be visiting the markets on a semi-regular basis to meet with local agents, wholesalers, contractors and property managers. You will become an expert on the markets you cover.

Professional Real Estate Investing. If you are not already, you will become an expert real estate investor. You will have an understanding of real estate that will pay off in spades both personally and professionally. This is not a role where we sit back and buy turn-key homes. This is a role for true professional investors.

Leverage SFR3’s technology team to define, build, & iterate on software & platforms to help you acquire homes more quickly, more efficiently, and to deliver a successful financial outcome.

Performance measured in part by these KPIs:

  • Volume: # of homes acquired. More homes! New channels!
  • Accurate Underwriting: Rent/Underwritten Rent, Appraised Value/Underwritten Value
  • Conversion rate: offers to closed deals. Close every deal! Retrade if needed!
  • Negotiated savings: contract price below SFR3’s max buy price. Fight for every dollar!
  • SFR3 reputation: TBD eval method. Do The Right Thing. Be fair, be tough, be loved.

The Skills & Experience We're Looking For

SFR Acquisitions Experience. You have a minimum of three years of high volume acquisitions experience. You have been the top performer wherever you have been.

Analytical Enough. You don’t have to build a complex financial model but you do need to be analytical and understand the levers that drive the business. Attention to detail and accuracy is a must.

Proactive Mindset. You have a strong bias towards action. You know it might be the first, fourth or sixth call or text message that gets you in touch with the right person to win the deal. You never sit back and wait.

Dealmaker’s hunger. You. Win. Every. Deal. And you love that. Each time the phone rings, you can’t help but leap at the chance to make a deal.

Champion’s mindset. You hunger to win. You burn when you don’t. And when you get knocked down, you dust off, pick yourself up, and get right back after it.

Grittiness. You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on. You persevere when others fall away.

Technology is your tool. You constantly evaluate how your efforts can be massively leveraged by technology, from simple spreadsheets and macros to APIs and enterprise-grade software. You communicate your ideas and requirements to engineers crisply and coherently so they can build the best tools quickly.

True passion for SFR3’s mission. You thrill at owning the most fundamental, enduring asset class, and you burst with pride at providing young families with affordable housing by restoring distressed homes to the housing supply.

A never-ending desire to grow and learn.

Perks & Benefits

Top of the market compensation. We hire the best and pay the most. Industry-leading salaries & monthly bonus structure, 100% 401K match, gold-plated health insurance for you and your family, a top-of-the-line MacBook or PC, and an unlimited vacation policy. We are hand-picking a very small team of the best, and we’ll make sure you feel like the best so you can perform at your best.

You’re an investor, too. A meaningful investment in SFR3 will be made on your behalf, vesting over 4 years. This investment is significant in size and can create the foundation for a secure financial future if the Fund performs as modeled. And crucially, it aligns you lock-step with our investors. Every move you make will be investor-first.

A+ Work Environment. We work hard and have a lot of fun doing it. We all take a lot of pride in being the best buyers of homes in America and everything we do is around constantly improving individually and as a team.

We're creating the largest portfolio of affordable housing in the heart of America. We need brains and passion to make it happen and to make it happen in style.