Director, Strategy and Operations

We're building the largest portfolio of affordable housing in the heart of America. We need a team of operators to make it happen.

About SFR3

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $2.5B+ of single-family homes by 2024. We specialize in renovating distressed homes, using software-driven operations to scale a large number of smaller markets concurrently. In just over 2 years, we’ve grown to 4k+ homes in over two dozen metros, and we’re continuing to expand. As part of our growth, we are looking for Owner’s Representatives to oversee a high volume of projects in dozens of markets.


You are a “hands-on” entrepreneurial operator, understanding that business magic happens only when you pair data-driven insights & sharp strategies with old fashioned roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it tactical execution, often aided by technology.

What’s more, you thrill at diving into new domains – you give a quizzical look when industry “veterans” suggest that you can’t possibly compete with them simply because you’re new to their industry. Of course you seek to absorb wisdom from any and every source you can find it, but you’ve proven several times already that you have both the capabilities and confidence to dig in, learn what you need to, fake what you haven’t yet figured out, and iterate your way to success, often reaching a superior outcome than the industry norm thanks to your fresh perspective and healthy disregard for “the way things have always been done.” Plus you just work harder and smarter than everyone else, and technology is always your friend.

Your mandate

SFR3 is different. Unlike other funds, our software automates work orders, payments, and other back office drudgery, enabling our teams to focus on renovating homes. You’ll put your leadership to work building, scaling, and leading central operations to support the renovation of thousands of homes each year. By centralizing processes, services, and components of renovation that are slow and idiosyncratic when distributed across thousands of concurrent renovations, you'll enable efficiency and scale that others can only dream of.

There are three key pillars to your success:

  1. Data-driven attention to detail. You’ll sit at the nexus of the machine, not only a consumer of data but a creator of it. You’ll use data to make our system smarter; identify and implement process improvements to increase the capacity, speed, and quality of your team and the impact they make on our field operations. We capture more information about the process than ever before - how can you make the most of it? What are the techniques, dashboards, and processes you will need to keep your trains running on time?
  2. Human-centered leadership and thinking. Your team, tools, and processes can create superpowers for the men and women renovating houses in the field. Armed only with data though, you could easily create well-intentioned but kludgy tools and services that hurt more than they help. But by combining analytics with a human-centered approach, you'll have the ability to remove roadblocks, accelerate processes, and create value where nobody expected change was possible. Ultimately, a person, not software, is going to be out there building these houses with their hands - can you clear the way for them?
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit. The catch all - you're a strategist, analyst, product manager, operator, and people manager all rolled into one. To make things happen, you'll need to chart your own path to the solution and work across functional and reporting lines to make it happen. We don't have all the ideas or answers - that's why we're hiring you.

Renovation experience not required (seriously). Here’s what you do need:

This is about your expertise in bringing people, process, and technology together to make things happen.

  • 5+ years of tech-enabled operations / general management experience in high-growth, startup environments
  • An operator's mindset. Others are happy thinking about a new idea; you’re already in execution mode.
  • Data-driven mentality - you 💛 spreadsheets! You analyze, dashboard, and pivot-table your way through problems. You’ll use data to continually sharpen our renovation operations and flag problems before others even know they’re there.
  • Empathetic leadership. Can manage across all types of people and experience levels; experience managing remote teams is a plus; knowing how to motivate and lead is a must.

Sounds exciting? We think so too.