10x Engineer

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $3.5B+ in affordable single-family homes by 2024. The Fund renovates distressed homes, using software-driven operations to run many “tertiary” markets concurrently. Today we own 10,500+ homes in 20 states, buying & building several hundred more every month.


You love building software that directly enables your team to crack critical business challenges. You’ve shipped production applications and can strike the right balance between shipping fast for immediate impact and long-term vision. You enjoy working remotely along with the independence and responsibility that comes with that.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, but experience in the domain is not required. What is necessary is motivation to dive in and understand the work people do every day so you can build the right tools that give them leverage. The idea of building & running a $150M/yr business that operates like a startup, growing at 5-7%/yr (not a startup looking for PMF) is exciting to you.

What You’ll Do

Buying, renovating, and managing a portfolio of thousands of homes worth billions of dollars is a big task. Our team is continuously experimenting to improve efficiency and accelerate operations.

You’ll join a pod that consists of seasoned business owners paired with product and have complete ownership over a domain to to crank out needle moving features weekly. There’s a lot for a small team to do, so we look for “T-shaped” engineers. You should be comfortable and confident across any stack, but also have deep expertise in one or more areas where you can be the team expert.

To manage single-family rentals at our scale, we write lots of software that runs our operations. For this dev pod, our users are hundreds of employees and vendors located in 40+ markets who renovate homes, repair issues for residents, and prepare our vacant homes for the next move-in.

In this role, you will:

Design and build out new features in their entirety that increase productivity. Our particular team builds resource allocation and optimization tools that create industry-leading operating leverage. Our systems orchestrate and dispatch thousands of work orders/tasks every week to hundreds of people across the US.

Scope and prioritize the roadmap. We are constantly shipping, and evaluating new problems/opportunities to improve how our teams work. We talk to our users regularly and ship fast. Engineers help define our long-term tech vision and make tradeoffs between effort and impact so we stay focused on the most important, urgent work at all times.

Analyze efficiency and performance. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and optimization. You’ll use data to monitor how our software is performing and identify opportunities that drive business results and improve system reliability.

Your Stats

You’ll be working across multiple mobile and web projects. You might be a great fit if these attributes describe you...

  • Experience building products that drive real-world processes and results.
  • You have strong product sensibilities to build experiences users love.
  • Entrepreneurial experience preferred

Your timezone has at least 5 working hours of overlap with US Eastern (anywhere in the Americas).

Backend Skills

  • Python + Java
  • Deep knowledge of AWS
  • Experience with databases including; mysql and postgres
  • Experience interacting with third party APIs (rest, graphql, etc)