SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund in the emerging single family investment space. The Fund specializes in buying and renovating distressed homes and using software-driven operations to scale a large number of smaller “tertiary” markets concurrently. Today the Fund owns ~10,000+ homes in 30+ metros, expanding rapidly. Learn more about SFR3.

Founded in 2017, SFR3 has quickly become one of the largest owners of single family homes in the country. This has been done by combining great people and great technology. SFR3 is much more like a tech company than most private equity groups in the space. This can be seen in everything from the people we hire, to the speed at which we move, to our mindset on testing and constant improvement.

Dispositions plays a critical role in the valuation of our assets and the recycling of capital for our fund. Every home we purchase routes to dispositions before it moves to its final destination, which is either as a rental or a sold home. We partner with acquisitions, renovations, and property management to deliver targeted returns on the assets we’ve purchased. We work with top agents in 30+ markets to execute our dispositions strategy. Our goal is to maximize sales price and minimize cycle time by leveraging technology and efficient processes to list more than 700+ homes per month.

What You’ll Be Doing

Listing A LOT of homes. Ensuring our agents list our homes in record time and all blockers to listing are resolved (e.g. repairs, pricing, city requirements, quality pictures, access).

Managing pricing. Within our parameters, you’ll monitor pricing and traffic of our assets and adjust pricing where needed to sell homes.

Acting as the air traffic controller in our repair process. Coordinating efforts across teams to assess repair needs, approve budgets, and ensure the work gets done well and quickly. You will understand our renovation guidelines and help educate our agents on what is in and out scope for our homes.

Selling Homes. You will assist the VP of Dispositions in the review of buyer’s offers and help ensure the inspection, repair and closing process runs smoothly and maximizes our returns.

Partnering with the VP, Dispositions to manage our 40 agents nation-wide. You will be coaching and assisting our agents on the day to day challenges they encounter while selling our homes. This could be anything from security issues, to assessing and approving repairs, to helping triage errors in our google spreadsheets. Your goal is to ensure issues are handled quickly, with the best possible outcome. You will also help find and onboard agents in new markets as we expand.

Driving metrics towards our goals. You will be monitoring our dashboard alerts to ensure the 900 homes we have under our umbrella are moving through the funnel as quickly as possible without error or issue. You will work with our business partners and agents to find solutions to issues that arise. We watch cycle time closely from listing to sale and managing the 100 little details in our process is critical to our success.

Improving our processes. You will assess opportunities for improvement across our disposition processes and present and implement changes that improve our cycle time, customer and agent experience, and returns.

Who You Are

Real Estate Focused. You have a minimum of 4-6 years of transactional real estate experience working for a bank, mortgage company, private or public investment fund, etc.. You have been a top performer wherever you have been.

Multitasker. This is where you thrive. Being in the middle of it all, with 100 competing priorities, is exhilarating.

Collaborator. You love people. Coaching, partnering and building relationships is important to you. Since we are virtual, you like doing this using technology and the old fashioned “phone” when needed.

Analytical. You love numbers, stats, metrics and seeing your results clearly displayed. You like digging into data to understand the issue and then solving it. You know your way around a spreadsheet and love learning new ways to look at data. You know spreadsheet tools like excel and google well. Attention to detail and accuracy is a must.

Creative Problem Solver with a proactive mindset. When you find a problem you search for a better solution. You enjoy constant improvement and don’t mind living in the gray. You have a strong bias towards action. You know what must be done and go after it. You never sit back and wait.

Motivated and Gritty. You are excited to get to work each day to hit our goals and strive to be the very best. Getting things done is what you are known for and winning matters to you.

Technology is your tool. You constantly evaluate how your efforts can be massively leveraged by technology, from changes to simple spreadsheets to software requirement changes. You communicate your ideas and requirements to engineers crisply and coherently so they can build the best tools quickly.

True passion for SFR3’s mission. You thrill at owning the most fundamental, enduring asset class, and you burst with pride at providing young families with affordable housing by restoring distressed homes to the housing supply.

A never-ending desire to grow and learn.

Perks & Benefits

Top of the market compensation. We hire the best and pay the most. Industry-leading salaries & very robust bonus structure, 401K match, gold-plated health insurance for you and your family, PTO, etc.. We are hand-picking a very small team of the best, and we’ll make sure you feel like the best so you can perform at your best.

Remote Working Environment. We all work from home and love it. This allows us to attract talent from everywhere. You enjoy working with the very best from a variety of industries. We all take a lot of pride in being the best buyers of homes in America and everything we do is around constantly improving individually and as a team.

We're creating the largest portfolio of affordable housing in the heart of America. We need brains and passion to make it happen and to make it happen in style.