SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $2.5B+ of SFRs by 2024. The Fund renovates distressed homes, tech startup DNA (Uber, AngelList, Roofstock) means our operations are software-driven. Today the Fund owns 4,400+ homes in 20 states, expanding rapidly.


You love building software that directly enables your team to crack critical business challenges. You’ve shipped production applications and can strike the right balance between shipping fast for immediate impact and long-term vision. You enjoy working remotely along with the independence and responsibility that comes with that.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, but experience in the domain is not required. What is necessary is motivation to dive in and understand the work people do every day so you can build the right tools that give them leverage.

Your Mandate

Buying, renovating, and managing 500+ homes per month involves almost 1K humans – from sellers to title agents to general contractors and property managers. Processes and requirements vary by market. Our team is continuously experimenting to improve efficiency and accelerate operations.

Your will create the platform that knits these activities together. There’s a lot for a small team to do, so we look for “T-shaped” engineers. You should be comfortable and confident across any stack, but also have deep expertise in one or more areas where you can be the team expert.

Your Role

You will be building our next generation of mobile apps that will make our field teams more efficient and accurate.

Lead Mobile Engineer

  • Green field development – Broad autonomy over our mobile applications. Build quickly without being weighed down by existing code or bureaucracy / meetings.
  • Immediate business impact – even small improvements will meaningfully improve our operating metrics. Real-time feedback loop to see the impact of your launches.
  • Work from anywhere, worldwide.

Your Skills

  • 3+ years building mobile apps on iOS and Android
  • Experience with React Native a plus - we’ll likely use React Native with some native integrations where needed.
  • Experience with small, fast-moving entrepreneurial teams. Ability to quickly prototype and iterate. Ability to collaborate interactively with product managers/designers to quickly come up with the best solution.
  • Comfortable interacting with various backend APIs (Rest, GraphQL, etc). Ability to write bullet-proof code which will work under various connectivity scenarios (including offline).
  • Working with photos/media a plus.

You + SFR3?

What: The largest portfolio of affordable housing in the heart of America.

When: Now. Right now.

Who: You?