We're building the largest portfolio of quality housing in the heart of America. We need YOU to make it happen.

About SFR3

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $2.5B+ of single-family homes by 2024. We specialize in renovating distressed homes, using software-driven operations to scale a large number of smaller markets concurrently. In just over 2 years, we’ve grown to 4k+ homes in over two dozen metros, and we’re continuing to expand. As part of our growth, we are looking for Pro-General Contractors to execute a consistent, high volume of projects in dozens of markets.

We’re looking for general contractors to partner with SFR3 as “Pro-GCs.” What puts the “Pro” in Pro GC?

  • You’re able to produce top notch renovated homes that look and feel great. You obsess over the little details and people are impressed by your work.
  • You don’t just know craftsmanship, you know the industry. If we say “this home needs to sell for $250k,” you know exactly what that means.
  • You have your own labor, either directly employed or dedicated crews
  • Must have at least 2-3 crews (you can scale your business to more with the volume we can provide)
  • Comfortable with technology. Should be able to FaceTime, send pictures, or other simple asks if needed
  • Long-term partnership minded. You understand the benefits of being reliable partners to each other: you can count on the volume, and we can count on the outcome.
  • Knowledge of local and national building/property management codes
  • Experience in managing to a realistic but aggressive timeframe and budget
  • An “ownership” approach to all aspects of the job; you pride yourself on speed and quality

Our Promise to you

  • Reliable VOLUME - We can provide a steady stream of jobs like you’ve never seen before -- all at fair pricing and with lightning-fast payment. We’ve got a steady supply home homes ready to hand off to your team. If in turn you provide us with a quality product on time and budget, we can immediately increase the flow. Our top partners consistently manage 20+ jobs for us at a time.
  • Fair PRICING - You and your team need to make a living as well, and we’re dedicated to making it work over the long run. With reliable volume, reduced overhead, and our ability to pass on deep material discounts to you, we’ll help reduce your costs as well. We’re looking for a fruitful, long-term, high-volume partnership, and the pricing reflects it.
  • To LISTEN - We want to be the BEST customer you will ever have!

SFR3 is different. We’re focused on the big picture - eliminating hassles, paying fast, and a quality reliable product. You renovate, and we’ll take care of the rest. Come build the future of housing in America!