Market Leader

We're building the largest portfolio of affordable housing in the heart of America. We need you to make it happen.

About SFR3

SFR3 is a boutique real estate investment fund acquiring $2.5B+ of single-family homes by 2024. We specialize in renovating distressed homes, using software-driven operations to scale a large number of smaller markets concurrently. In just over 4 years, we’ve grown to 11k+ homes in over two dozen metros, and we’re continuing to expand.

Your Mandate

The Market Leader is the pinnacle of our production team, entrusted with overseeing the renovation and turn phases of our property portfolio. This leadership role requires an ownership mentality, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to maintaining high standards of production, yield optimization, and tenant satisfaction.

  1. Production:
    1. Oversee renovation and turn projects across designated metropolitan areas, ensuring timely completion without compromising quality
    2. Manage projects from inception to completion, addressing local construction challenges and coordinating resources efficiently
    3. Clear all renovation backlogs by March 31st
  2. Yield:
    1. Act as custodian of the fund's investment during production, making strategic decisions to maximize return on investment
    2. Balance overhead costs, cost-effective renovations, and high-quality standards
    3. Implement data-driven approaches to optimize renovation management
  3. Quality:
    1. Uphold SFR3 standards aligned with HUD/HQS guidelines
    2. Ensure homes exceed quality standards, preventing potential maintenance issues
    3. Exercise vigilance in quality control to maintain tenant satisfaction and protect the fund's reputation
  4. Enablement:
    1. Empower and develop regional team members and external partners
    2. Identify training needs, design training programs, and foster a culture of continuous learning
    3. Ensure teams are well-equipped to meet evolving market demands
  5. Efficiency:
    1. Balance local solutions with central platform teams, optimizing resources for productivity
    2. Think creatively and find efficient solutions to drive productivity and maintain fiscal health

Performance Metrics

Job performance metrics include production volumes, budget adherence, and quality control.

Bonus compensation is tied to profit, profit share, and DTV boost, with specific thresholds for each.

What 'Excellent' Looks Like:

  • Ownership mentality across designated metros.
  • Attention to means of production, overhead cost accuracy, quality, and growth.
  • Executive Decision Making, Fund Influence, Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Operating the region below the 15% overhead cost threshold for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.
  • Significant impact on the company's growth and profitability at a strategic level.
  • Recognition for developing leaders and contributing to company-wide initiatives.


  • Extremely competitive salary, gas stipend, and substantial monthly bonus potential.
  • Up to $1,000 bonus per completion tied to accurate scope.
  • Health + Dental coverage.
  • PTO.
  • 401k / Roth 401k.

If you thrive in a high-impact role, possess an ownership mindset, and are ready to lead in the future of real estate investment, we invite you to apply for the Market Leader position. Join us in shaping the future of SFR.